Indie games made in germany

The guy behind undercomment

Hello, I am Ecki.

I’m a computer engineering student from Berlin, creating software in my freetime since 2011. My fascination for gaming let me focus on building indie games, but I made some apps for smartphones as well. Most of my games were made during game jams and cover a wide variety of genres.

My Games

These are some of the games I made.

Wormhole Warfare

A puzzle game inspired by Portal. Place wormholes to guide your tank driver on his path to victory. Don’t let him crash into obstacles!

40% FUEL

An asymmetric local multiplayer split-screen game. One player controls the plane, the other player controls the turret. Try to shoot every crate before the time runs out and collect fuel to not fall from the sky.


Based on the Movie “Castaway” you have to retrieve Wilson in this 2D platformer. Can you find the way to the exit of the cave?

Contact Me

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