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undercomment stands for the production of quality indie-games and -apps. Run by Maximilian "Ecki" Eckert undercomment was founded in late 2019. As a hobbyist I produce non-commercial games and apps since 2012 of which you can find some on my page. My newest project comes in the shape of Javelin Juggle - a hypercasual mobile game.

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Javelin Juggle

You have to be seriously skilled to even reach a score of 100 in this game!

What would happen if you combined javelins with ballsports? Hit the target, collect coins, rank up your level and upgrade your javelin all while you compete with your friends for the number one spot on the highscoreboard!

Javelin Juggle is the first game that will be released by undercomment. July 2019 marked the start of production for this new one-button mobile game for Android. A release for iOS devices will be considered depending on the success of the Android version. Javelin Juggle is out now on Google Play.

Screenshot with a top-down view. A Javelin is pointing to a Target with balls rolling inbetween.


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Javelin Juggle:

Combine javelins with ballsports in this one button game for Android


Q: Why is Javelin Juggle only coming out for Android? How high is the chance of an iOS release?

A: The reason for that is pretty simple: money. A one-man hobby developer doesn't have the biggest budget for a game which might not exceed the 50-downloads mark. It is difficult for new mobile games to survive competing with the huge amount of apps released the the Apple App Store and Google Play Story daily. And developing for Apple devices is pricey. Besides having to build the app on a device running OSX (of which I don't own any) I would have to pay a yearly fee of $100 to Apple for them hosting my apps in the App Store. Compare that to the one-time-only fee of $25 for a developer license at Google and the ability to build your app under any operating system you want. If I can see some success in Javelin Juggle I will release the app for iOS as well. If you're interested and want to stay up to date on that, you might want to consider following me on Twitter.

Q: Are your games commercial? If so: how are they monetized?

A: Most of my games are uncommercial hobby-projects, often part of some game jam, and as such, not monetized. Javelin Juggle will be the first commercial release by me. The game will be free to play and is supposed to generate revenue through advertisements and in-app purchases. I know that not everyone is a fan of this. I myself am annoyed by the aggressive monetization methods utilized in popular mobile games nowadays. But that serves as a reason for me to tone it done a bit, compared to my competitors. User experience is the number one priority for me. Making a little bit of money on the side is just a neat bonus. And if you're annoyed by ads, there will be an option to disable all ads.

Q: What kind of games can we expect coming from undercomment in the future?

A: I like lightweight small games as they leave a lot of space for experiments. You can see that by looking at my backlog of already published games on Most of my games were submissions to game jams. I like to try something new and unconventional more than committing to a long-term project. Also I prefer to develop games in 2D and for smartphones. Depending on the purpose and what I want to do I might switch it up a bit. I've already done a 3D-PC game. There is nothing hindering me from doing something like that again if I feel like doing that.


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